New KALE eBook - Kale Recipes Abound!

KALE eBookI am happy to share that I have just released a new eBook chapter as part of my yearlong series - KALE! Welcome to autumn - the season of heavy & hearty greens that are fantastic for you. I am thrilled to share these thoughts and recipes on growing, cooking and eating kale, the trendy new veg everyone is loving lately. This book is one meant as a tool for anyone hoping to (and trying to) eat seasonally. There are LOTS of recipe ideas for any seasonal veg, and sometimes it's nice to shake up your recipe repertoire. I hope you'll download this eBook and send me your thoughts about what's cooking in your kitchen. My favorite recipe in the book (though, truly this answer always changes for me) is the Raw Kale Salad with Apples & Cheddar. This recipe takes advantage of all the best ingredients available in fall, resulting in a flavor-rich and to-die-for salad that will be your new fave. Report back!

You can buy the Fresh Pantry: KALE book here.