APPLES - From Harvest to Table in the Oregonian

_MG_3639 Grant Butler of The Oregonian reviewed "Apples" recently, and then sent this message out on Twitter: "I love this new cookbook "Apples: From Harvest to Table" by Seattle author @gogogreengarden. Lots of wonderful ideas!"

This is the first 'review' of the book and I'm happy to see he found it useful, clever and informative. He writes:

In a nutshell: Fresh apple season is finally here, and a sure-fire way to indulge in the bright flavors is with this collection of 50 recipes from Seattle food writer and organic gardener Amy Pennington. Sure, she's got your traditional apple pie, but where the book really excels is with savory dishes where apples provide a sweet juxtaposition of flavors, including dishes with Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern influences. Read more....

The second review came from my dad, as I just sent him a copy in the post. "What a nice surprise, am going to the woods tomorrow to select the grandest apple to find and use your knowledge, Love you so DAD"