5 for Friday - Molly Moon Nietzel, ice cream entrepreneur

anna-banana-milk-fundI'm starting a new (& weekly!) post on the website this week, 5 for Friday. The idea is simple and ripped off from Inside the Actors Studio's final interview questions - I have always loved those last minutes of the conversation.

I have the great fortune of being surrounded by inspiring people. These questions will be asked of artists, farmers, curators, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs etc - all of the people that I find interesting. Everyone gets the same five questions.

This week, I asked Molly Moon of Molly Moon Ice Cream fame to weigh in and wax poetic. Molly founded and operates a small chain of organic ice cream shops here in Seattle, though I wouldn't be surprised if national expansion were on the horizon. I met Molly when I booked her on Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen radio program, back in 2008. She was so gracious and on opening day (with a line down the block) she actually paused for five minutes and spoke to us live, on air. From there, a foodie friendship was born. Molly is an awesome business owner and majorly involved community member. Her passion for politics is contagious and I am always amazed at the amount of work and dedication she produces. PLUS, her hot fudge is one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten. No lie. Buy a jar here. And make sure to spend an extra $10 to provide a Seattle family-in-need with fresh milk for a month - it's the Anna Banana Fund & it's brilliant.

5 for Friday

1. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? oatmeal with cinnamon, milk, flax, dried blueberries & a chopped up nectarine.

2. What is one thing you do EVERY day, by choice?  have a  cup of coffee on the couch with my husband, Zack.  the coffee is made by Zack every morning in an italian percolator in a bizarrely intricate and tweaky manner that is totally endearing.

3. If you had all the time in the world and no budget restrictions, what one project would you take on just now? (Can be a hobby, business, trip, etc) i haven't been many places outside of the US.  just mexico, canada, and Israel.  i've just never made time for it!  but long flights seem too daunting now with a 6-month old.  if there were no budget limitations, i would charter a jet that had a living room, kitchen, and king-size bed.  then i would fly all over the world with my family.

4. Where is your 'happy place'?

 by a lake, somewhere in idaho or montana.5. What is your signature dish - something you make well and consistently?  does a hot fudge sundae count?