Wild Edibles

Be sure to check out April's issue of Martha Stewart for the Wild Edibles article.  I've been singin' the praises of wild edibles since I met Arthur Lee Jacobsen - a local plant expert (yes, of course I have a crush).  Most of the 'weeds' highlighted can be found in the NW. Particularly delicious is a weed called "Chickweed".  Nearly every garden I've seen thus far this year has this plant.  Not only is Chickweed a healthy soil indicator, it's pretty delicious.  Sorta like if arugula and grass had babies - at once earthy in flavor with a bit of bite.  Get 'em while they're small!  The longer the grow, the more bitter they become.  Everyone's been talkin' about Urban Farming.........I'm moving on to an Urban Salad.