Host for Check, Please! Northwest

Have you heard the news or seen the show?! I am the host for the PBS show Check, Please! Northwest which airs on KCTS9 each Thursday at 7pm. It's a show about dining out - each week, three guests join me around the table and talk about their favorite Pacific Northwest Resturants. The most exciting thing for me is watching people try something new and going out to a restaurant they never would have thought of. It's awesome! The show is a great way to gather some new restaurant suggestions AND a perfect way to try something new. All guests dine out at their favorite resto AND get to try two new places, meeting back at the table to discuss. Anyone can be a guest, so you should most definitely apply here! And for anyone outside of the Pac NW, you can keep up with the shows online. A special THANK YOU to SkyCity Restaurant at the Space Needle for underwriting the show! If you haven't eat on top of the Space Needle yet, now's the time. I've had great meals there, and that view? Come on!