Sharing Economy - Gardens Goes Co-Op

A recent post on Fast Company recognized that sharing economies continue to grow. They spotlighted websites working to share food across communities (left over mashed potatoes? No problem!) and noted the sheer numbers associated with wasted food. "Globally, 30 to 50 percent of all food produced is lost or wasted between crop and plate--that's between 1.2 and 2 billion tons. Personally, each of us in the United States and Europe is responsible for trashing between 200 and 400 pounds a year of completely usable food--by contrast, in sub-saharan Africa and South Asia, people waste only 12 to 20 pounds a year." This all reminded me of my passion-project, Urban Garden Share. UGS was launched in Seattle in 2009 - this spring marks it's fourth year of connecting neighbors over shared garden space. We have expanded to several cities across the U.S. with more in demand, which is super exciting. It's a great tool for sourcing and sharing your garden space - ready to get growing this year? Please connect!

*Photo credit KK Dundas