Farm School Life Changer

It is not often an experience happens upon you and life changes. I went to Quillisascut Farm School in 2004 because I wanted to milk a goat. It was that simple. I grew up with milk goats and daily homestead chores. The desire to reconnect led me to a week at Quillisacut Farm School. It's an opportunity I think everyone should take - forget saving for a food tour of Italy - get your ass in the car and drive to Eastern Washington for an experience of a lifetime. Quiet your brain, wake up early, bust your butt and experience life as it's meant to be. It will shake your core, I promise. Here is a small excerpt from an interview I gave to Lora Lea at Quillisascut last week. I hope it inspires you. Keep in touch!

How did the Quillisascut experience help shape your decisions?

I kept a journal when I was at Quillisascut and on the way home in the car, I wrote in my journal (which I happen to have with me in Scotland!) that “My life has not been altered. My life has been affirmed.” From that moment forward, I have always made business and personal decisions with the environment in mind. I was always good about being conscious – recycling, saving water, etc, but after the farm I went to an extreme. And while it seems extreme to be vigilant about not wasting food or not wasting water or saying you have ‘enough’, any decision I make harkens back to this simple agenda. READ MORE...