Fall Planting, Pacific Northwest

blueberriesAutumn is an excellent time to think about adding to your homes landscape. While vegetable gardens are transitioning to fall crop, Autumn is a great time to plant shrubs and perennials - the soil is still warm, while the cool temperatures and rain provide perfect growing conditions that support root growth. Plants will thrive come spring! I just found out that neighborhood nursery, Swanson's in Ballard is having an amazing sale on trees, shrubs and perennials just now - 30% off until September 30th. They have a large selection of blueberry bushes and some gorgeous low-growing native flowering plants, like these gorgeous hellebores. And check out this stunning online "August Lookbook" of plants. It is one of THE MOST GORGEOUS WEBSITES I've ever seen & will make you want to plant. Immediately. Not only are the pics amazing, each plant has a bio and short tips on growing in the Pacific Northwest.

Merlin HelleboreFurther, the smart garden folks over at Swanson's Nursery created all of these faux garden situations like the "Parking Strip Project" I highlighted on my Instagram a few weeks ago  or a "Rockery Garden" all of which give you some great ideas on how to transform your property. They are SO brilliant, you must check them out. There's more info on these on Digging Deeper, Swanson's blog.

And YES, I know this sounds like a crazy advertisement, but honestly…..get thee to the nursery, take advantage of these great prices and immediately improve your home (not to mention increase your property value) and the environment, as well. It's a smart deal at a smart time and I repeat - it ENDS on September 30th. And don't forget to let me know what you decide to plant!!!