APPLES - From Harvest to Table - my new hardcover cookbook is here!

I'm writing so many books this year, that I'm sure your head is spinning by now. I know mine is! Last winter, I was asked to write an APPLE cookbook and I jumped at the chance. Apples are one of my most favorite things to cook with, everyone seems to love them AND I needed a winter project. Perfect math! 12593_Apples_MECHS[cover].inddThis cookbook is a hard cover (!) with a nice, bendable binding, which means you can open up to your favorite recipe and the book will stay open. It has apples recipes for breakfast, appetizers, salads, dinners, preserves and of course, desserts. I worked thoughtfully to ensure that these recipes would be new to most - a collection of recipes to inspire getting in the kitchen all year long. (Although, there IS an apple pie recipe, but it's my brothers favorite and a real winning dish!)


APPLES is also filled with gorgeous pictures of many of the recipes. It's practically a coffee table book it's so gorgeous! For that alone, you should order a copy today. They make great gifts, too!

This from the publisher... There is something to please every taste with a range of recipes including:

    • Apple-caraway soda bread
    • Apple & red lentil steamed dumplings
    • Hard-cider-braised short ribs with apple slaw
    • Whole wheat apple & yogurt cake
    • Traditional apple butter, homemade apple cider vinegar and more

APPLES is filled with helpful practical information regarding which types of apples are better for snacking or baking, heirloom varieties such as Cortland and Macoun, and regional apple guides and resources.  Pennington also includes fun and easy apple based crafts like homemade applesauce and dried apple stars that kids and parents will love.  This charming collection will give you plenty of new ways to enjoy an old favorite.

And some outtakes from the fab photo shoot with food photographer, Olivia Brent, who deserves a standing ovation for these gorgeous shots.


IMG_7087 IMG_7082