Best Cookbooks of the Year Best Cookbook 2010I am visiting my family on the east coast for two weeks - Halloween with my nieces and nephews, tea with gram, a visit to my dads in Pennsylvania. All pretty average of a NY visit. Earlier this week, I took the LIRR from Long Island to the Port Authority to hop on a bus that drove me out to Honesdale, PA where my brother and father were waiting to pick me up. My brother went out a day ahead for hunting season - no bucks. My dad lives in the country. Deep country. No cell service, no internet. Just a rushing stream through his backyard, a loud goose, a crowing rooster and a handful of ducklings criss-crossing the yard each day. On my third day there, I drove twenty minutes in to town for some internet and to touch base with the world.

As soon as I entered cell phone service again, my phone exploded. I had 15 texts by the time I drove a quarter-mile. Many of which exclaimed "Congratuations!", "So proud!" and so on. I knew something had happened - I just didn't know what. I parked in front of the Honesdale Library (after buying a shitty drip coffee and an awesome crumb cake from the

bakery across the street), went inside, found a spot in the big old house, turned on my computer and found this:


And guess what lil-book-that-could was on that list? Urban Pantry. Can you say, THRILLED????!!!

I'm still in shock over it. Thank you to everyone for your support!