5 for Friday - with amyp!

HI! I decided to interview myself for 5 for Friday this week, as I've just released my 11th eBook, Fresh Pantry - BEETS! Annnnddd......maybe I forgot it was Friday. It happens. Fresh Pantry - BEETSBEETS is the eleventh volume in the 12-month series and features fun and inspired recipes for onions that will liven up your kitchen, without boring your palate or relying on processed foods. Fresh Pantry: Beets features: 16 creative & easy recipes spanning every meal of the day, including morning noshes -  Corn Crepes with Beet Sauce, afternoon snacks/apps like Beet-pickled Eggs (these are so gorgeous) & a KILLER Fennel-Beet Borscht that will warm your soul and keep you healthy all winter long.

I hope you check it out, post it to your Pinterest, share it with friends and sing this book series from the mountaintops! I wrote Fresh Pantry eBooks as a means to help people eat seasonally and it's been a labor of love that I'm thrilled to share.

1. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? A cup of Detox tea and a bowl of yogurt with oats, pumpkin seed granola (from Apartment Gardening) and maple syrup.

2. What is one thing you do EVERY day, by choice?  Drink a boat load of water.

3. If you had all the time in the world and no budget restrictions, what one project would you take on just now? (Can be a hobby, business, trip, etc)  I would make UrbanGardenShare a urban farming hub full of information and great resources. (But in a good way, not in a yahoo communities sort of way.)

4. Where is your ‘happy place’?  Nature. Could be a trail in the woods (with the sun shining through the tree tops) or a beach where I can swim.

5. What is your signature dish – something you make well and consistently?  Perfect Roast Chicken - it's always a winner.